What are the origins of the brand and where are CLUOH’s items produced?

CLUOH is a 100% Portuguese brand, from concept to production. All our items are carefully produced in Portugal by our artisans.

What are the products made of?

All our products are from high quality cow’s leather. The leather we use is characterised by its durability, resistance and

Leather is a natural product and because of that, small variations on texture and tones can occur in our products. On our online store you can find a detailed description of all products.

How to maintain and care the leather?

Natural leather should be cleaned with a moist cloth. It is of utmost importance to take care with the transfer of colour from fabrics to leather, especially denim, which might stain irreversibly. Natural wear and tear, and scratches and tears that are due to inappropriate use of the product are not covered on our guarantee and any repair costs will be charged.

Classic models vs. limited editions. What are the differences?

We work with both timeless editions on our classics models and limited editions.

Classic models will be maintained over different seasons with only small changes on the products, whereas limited editions will contain exclusive patterns or drawings. All limited edition products will be identified and will be marked with serial numbers.

Can I add a personal touch to a product?

Yes! We have several pieces that can be monogrammed. Find everything here!

Can I see your products in a shop?

Yes. You can find the entire collection in our store, at Rua de Gondarém 549 — Porto.

If an article is marked as ‘Sold out’, will it become available?

From time to time, our products can be out of stock. In that case, we will ensure the product will become available as soon as possible, with the exception of our limited edition products, for which when the last item from the series is sold, this particular product will not be produced again.

Is it possible to receive periodic information on my email related to new releases and offers from CLUOH?

Yes, to be always up to date with the latest CLUOH news, you can subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Can I cancel my newsletter subscription?

All emails sent by CLUOH will have a link which allows automated un-subscription to the newsletter.

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