Christmas Jungle by Cê

Scarves and key rings edition CLUOH x Constança Mexia Alves

“Christmas is always a season of emotions, smells & patterns. Like every year, it’s full of mixed feelings and usual errands but this year our emotions run stronger because our hearts are further away from each other. Welcome to this unprecedented Jungle, the Christmas Jungle.

I accepted this CLUOH challenge in order to personify, with my characteristic art strokes, a deep dive into this jungle of feelings & emotions.”

“In the first edition – Undressed Soul – I undressed two ethnical bodies, slightly camouflaged in this messy savanna, to highlight the power of our pure soul, our essence without ornaments, the return to the origins.

The second edition – Femme Fierce – is represented by a leopard look and attitude that symbolizes the strength we have had to overcome these difficult times, specially this season of love with so many adversities.”

We are purer and stronger than what we think and this CLUOH Christmas edition is here to reward that!

Keep it strong girls.




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