“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

Maya Angelou

At CLUOH, we love the classics. Our accessories aim to reinterpret these in a bold, elegant and witty manner, through an interplay of base colours and print leather products. Our flagship product are clutches.

This project arose from the eagerness of CLUOH’s founders to create a brand representing their values and passions. It is the result of a group of creative minds and the fusion of their characters and personalities. From this blend comes CLUOH’s uniqueness – the association between Design, Illustration and Fashion.

This is a 100% Portuguese brand and all items are carefully handmade by our artisans. The attention to detail is present throughout the product lifecycle, from concept and production to delivery. This thoroughness guarantees the quality of each and every piece.

CLUOH represents individual freedom and originality. Its emphasis is on the sensations and aims to take your breath away on first sight, surprise you, the OH EFFECT.

For this reason, we work with limited editions. All print leather products are identified with a serial number. Patterns and drawings are exclusive of CLUOH and are created by us.

The primary objective of CLUOH’s products is to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves in an authentic and unique manner.

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